Sliochd nan sionnach Cloinn Mhàrtainn

Children of the foxes, Clan Martin

The Tribe of the Mairtine was definitely Proto-Keltic in origin, among the ancient tribes emerging from the Iberian wintering area after the last great Ice Age. They were part of the Pictish, Keltic, and Gaelic migrations to populate western Europe, Ireland, and ancient Breton.

Ancient Irish texts, such as the Book of Munster, associates the Tribe of the Mairtine with other tribes, such as the Erainn, Benntraige, Ulaidhe, and the Eoghanacht, and ongoing DNA studies are defining further the genetic and historical correlations.

Later migrations and settlements of the Ulster and Argyll regions formed the Dal Riada Kingdom, from roughly 2000 years ago, and were an integral part of that kingship. The Dal Riadic Clan is named as MacMairtin, and eventually anglicized to MacMartin. Later migrations spread across Scotland, and the most well know group were located around Loch Lochy, up the Great Glen around Fort William and Spean Bridge.

Clan MacMartin was loyal to Scotland from the early days, and suffered greatly during the Jacobite Uprising; losing land, title, and chieftainship. Many left during the Highland Clearances, settling back in Ireland, the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Descendants of Clan Martin are organizing again and will bid for their true recognition as a proper clan. Although we have historical associations with Clan McLeod, Clan Cameron, and Clan MacDonald, we are our own people.

The Dog Fox is a major symbol of Clan Martin (Cloinn Mhartainn), as they gained a reputation in Scotland as being very cunning. The origin of the Highland saying “Sliochd nan sionnach” translates to Children of the Foxes, Clan Martin. The ancient people of Scotland also regarded the Fox as a noble messenger.

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